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Our analyst program aims to provide an educational experience to students of all backgrounds in a unique and exciting manner. For anyone that is interested in financial markets, investing, and the mechanics of many different asset classes, the analyst program is an invaluable opportunity. Here you will develop analytical and conceptual skills in an environment that focuses on practical application rather than memorization and theory.

Portfolio Managers

Weekly Lessons

Every week, our executives will present on a variety of topics, including fundamental analysis, options and other derivatives, macroeconomics, portfolio construction and management, and personal finance. Material builds on itself each week, and by the end of the semester even students who were previously beginners will have a tremendous amount of useful knowledge under their belt.

Group activities

Each analyst will be placed into a group of four, led by one of our ten Portfolio Managers. In this group, you will take part in interactive tasks designed to enhance absorption of educational material and strengthen the bonds between you and your teammates. These include, but are not limited to, weekly Kahoot games, market updates, and creating a pitch for an investment recommendation.

portfolio competition

To finish the semester and allow a chance to apply what you have learned, we host a competition among groups in which you are tasked with building a portfolio of equities, alternatives, and derivatives based on outside research and content you have learned throughout the program. These presentations are judged by finance faculty, with the winners receiving generous cash prizes and club recognition.