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  • Who should I talk to if I’m interested and want to learn more?
    We strongly recommend prospective members reach out to current executives and portfolio managers for coffee chats to discuss their experiences and the different opportunities offered.
  • Is Hedge endorsed by the Gies College of Business?
    Yes; we are a registered Gies Group, and work closely with Career Services and the finance department.
  • Does Hedge manage any capital?
    No; our content and activities are strictly educational in nature. If you are interested in an organization that manages real money, please look into the Investment Management Academy.
  • What is a portfolio manager and how do I become one?
    A portfolio manager is a student who has completed the analyst program and now leads their own group of five analysts by answering their questions, guiding collaboration, and invoking curiosity. The name "portfolio manager" is simply a reflection of their leadership role; they do not actually manage a portfolio.
  • How much of a time commitment is the analyst program?
    Analysts are expected to attend every weekly lesson, which usually last around 1.5 hours, as well as workshops around every other week, which usually last around 1 hours. There will also be sporadic events and projects such as guest speakers and investment pitches (not to mention the large portfolio competition at the end of the semester). Overall, 2-4 hours a week is to be expected.
  • Can I be in Hedge along with other finance organizations at the same time?
    Yes; however, we have very strict standards regarding member attendance and participation. Therefore, only do so if you understand the workload involved and are absolutely confident you will be able to accomplish it. Otherwise, you would not be a good fit for the organization.
  • Is quantitative trading covered in the analyst program?
    No; while we do cover basic statistics, especially in our material on derivatives, we do not include any kind of coding. If you are interested in an organization focused on quantitative trading, please look into Quant at
  • Can I apply again if I was not accepted the first time?
    Yes; in fact, we strongly encourage it. We advise that you have a solid understanding of your weaknesses and what you did wrong in order to improve the second time.
  • Are there dues?
    Yes; they go towards banquet costs, competition prizes, etc.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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