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Our analyst program seeks to provide an educational experience to students of all backgrounds in a unique and exciting manner. For anyone that is interested in financial markets, investing, portfolio management, and more, the analyst program is an invaluable opportunity. Here, you will develop strong analytical and conceptual skills in an environment that focuses on practical application, rather than memorization and theory. By the time you complete the program, you will have a thorough, well-rounded knowledge of all asset classes and how they operate, from as broad as the global economy, to as narrow as an individual portfolio.


Weekly Lessons

Interactive presentations focused on a variety of topics, including equity and fixed income analysis, options and other derivatives, macroeconomics, alternative investments, and portfolio management 

Group activities

Tasks such as investment pitches, market updates, and weekly Kahoot games to strengthen the bonds between teammates and enhance the absorption of educational material

portfolio competition

A semester-culminating contest in which each group will build a portfolio utilizing all major asset classes for a hypothetical client, and present their investment research to finance faculty and professionals


Workshops designed to help you become the most polished candidate possible by focusing on the nuances of professionalism, such as networking, fashion and etiquette, and resume building


Guest speakers, career workshops, and info sessions with professional firms to help you discover your interests and lead you through the vast landscape of the finance industry


Resources such as specialized technical guides, interview insights, and mock behavioral practice to ensure you feel confident and equipped for the real thing

For those interested in careers in wealth and asset management, equity research, sales and trading, corporate banking, private equity and credit, and more, we provide guidance and mentorship to help you navigate the often difficult recruitment process involved in landing a job in these fields. Rather than giving outdated, cookie-cutter advice, we understand that every field is nuanced, which is why we help you tailor a plan to achieve your unique goals. Because we recognize that everyone has different circumstances, we utilize a diverse set of modalities to help you strengthen your weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and land the job of your dreams.


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